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Provider Departure

Dr. Sara Curtis will no longer be providing care at The Centers for Children and Women after September 19, 2023. If you are a patient of Dr. Curtis, please call us at 832-828-1005 to schedule your appointment with another provider. We thank Dr. Curtis for her many years of service at The Centers!

Policy update

Starting on January 2023. Minors that do not come with a legal parent or guardian must get verbal approval to receive care.

A parent or guardian must be at the first visit to complete forms. For each visit after, the parent or guardian can call from then on. Parents must speak with the care team for medical related questions.

Medicaid Coverage Alert

Don't lose your health coverage! We don’t want to lose you as a patient! New rules will require you to renew your Medicaid plan. Learn more

Veronica Reyes discusses The Center for Children and Women with 106.3 KTJM La Raza


Local radio station La Raza 106.3 KTJM interviews Veronica Reyes about the variety of services available at The Center for Children and Women. Pregnant women can take advantage of free classes and outstanding care at both locations 7 days a week. Veronica reminds listeners that families who qualify for CHIP or Medicaid are eligible to receive services. Veronica invites listeners to tour the facilities even if they don't have a prior appointment and to take advantage of our application assistance if they are not already members.