Dr. Lisa Hollier discusses the Texas maternal mortality rate | The Center for Children and Women

Dr. Lisa Hollier discusses the Texas maternal mortality rate


Dr. Lisa Hollier, Chief Medical Director at The Center for Children and Women, recently spoke with TMCNews about the increase in the Texas maternal mortality rate, a trend highlighted by the publication oftwo independent reports in 2016. The article emphasizes the inconsistencies found in both studies,which could potentially explain the dramatic rise in maternal mortality across Texas. “I think there are opportunities for education as well as standardization regarding [the evaluation of maternal deaths] to ensure that the appropriate information is collected at the time of death so that a complete assessmentof the cause of death can be made,” Hollier said. Of the six major recommendations made by the Texas Maternal Mortality and Morbidity Task force – chaired by Dr. Hollier –  three are dedicated to improving data collection and evaluation. The others include focusing on improving access and continuity of care, addressing health inequities, and increasing screening for behavioral health services. “[When] we talk about Texans being increasingly unhealthy, that contributes significantly to maternal mortality,” Hollier concluded, emphasizing the importance of the task force’s multi dimensional approach to the issue.

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