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Texas Children's Health Plan celebrates the opening of The Center for Children and Women's newest location in Southwest Houston. 

ABC KTRK-TV Houston highlights Texas Children's Health Plan -- The Center for Children and Women in a report that focuses on its accessibility to the Greenspoint community as a one-stop-shop for quality health care.

Highlights from The Center for Children and Women Grand Opening Event held August 17, 2013. The Center for Children and Women offers state-of-the-art health care services 7 days a week to members of Texas Children's Health Plan.

Texas Children's Hospital believes it is essential to save and protect Medicaid. Medicaid makes sure all children get much needed health care. When Medicaid funding is cut, it can hurt people who receive Medicaid and change key programs that help all children.

Read President and CEO Mark A. Wallace's Op-Ed piece in the Houston Chronicle about protecting Medicaid:

You can also read another Op-Ed from the Austin American-Statesman from Mr. Wallace about how Medicaid should be viewed as a stepping stone, not a stigma:

Learn more about Texas Children's Hospital:

The Asthma Action Plan is a useful tool for treating and managing childhood asthma. This helpful video talks about the 3 different zones (green, yellow, and red) that make up the asthma action plan.

Texas Children's Health Plan and the Houston Dynamo kicked off their first ever, Dynamo Youth Soccer League. Health Plan members age 5-12 got to learn from the pros every Friday night for 6 weeks at Houston Amateur Sports Park.

The Center for Children and Women is open weeknights until 11 pm.