Audio & Video Test | The Center for Children and Women

Audio & Video Test

In this test we will be checking your device’s audio, video, and internet connection to ensure you have the best possible MyChart video visit with your healthcare provider.

You may use a computer or a mobile device (tablet, mobile phone, ...) for your MyChart video visit, and this test as long as they are equipped with a camera and a microphone.
Please begin the test with the same device, and in the same location as you plan to use for your video visit. Please choose a location that has strong wifi or cellular signal.
Please disconnect from any active audio or video calls before beginning the test.
This test will take approximately two minutes and should be completed in advance of your scheduled appointment.

Confirm What Device You Will Use & Your Location

Is this the same device & location that you will be using on the day of the appointment?
Yes No
Does your device have a camera and microphone?
Yes No

We will now test your internet connection speed.

Speed test still running, please wait.

We will now test your device's speakers.

Play Test Sound

We will now test your device’s microphone and video by initiating a test call.

Begin by clicking Start Test Call.
Grant access for your device’s camera, microphone, and location when requested (click Allow in pop-ups).
You should see yourself below, smile and make some noise. The green volume bar should move as you make noise.
Select Test Successful when both the Camera and Microphone work below.