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Effective Care

Programs to Improve Health and Prevent Complications

Effective care happens when doctors use their knowledge and clinical experience. This means patients get the right treatment and only the treatment they need. A large part of this effectiveness at The Center is to engage patients and their families in programs that promote healthy conditions.


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Scores are given in percentages. Score period is 2018 Q3. A higher score is better.
Benchmark Asthma Action Plan: HEDIS 90th%ile%. Benchmark ADHD Medication Initiation: HEDIS 90th%ile%.



Scores are given in percentages. Score period is 2018 Q3. A higher score is better for Prenatal Initiation.
Benchmark Prenatal Care in 1st Trimester: HEDIS 90th%ile%.


Scores are given in percentages. Score period is 2018 Q3. A lower score is better for C-Section Avoidance Rates.
C-Section Avoidance Rates Goal: 34% or below.

What do these scores mean?

  • Asthma action plans for children—An asthma action plan is a road map families and providers create to take care of a child with asthma at home when they are well and when they are sick. This score is based on the percentage of high-risk asthma patients who attend the recommended follow-up appointments for the program.
  • ADHD medication initiation for children—It is important that after a patient with ADHD starts a new medication, they follow up with the care team to make sure it is working as it should. This score, similar to the asthma score, is based on the percentage of patients who come for their follow-up appointments to continue care.
  • Prenatal care initiation—Care early in pregnancy helps to achieve better outcomes. This score reflects the percentage of pregnant patients who initiate their prenatal care within the first trimester.
  • C-Section avoidance rates—C-Section avoidance rates mean fewer complications for our patients and reduced risk during surgery. We are proud of the prenatal care provided at The Center, which has helped 75% of pregnant members avoid a C-Section delivery.

"My son says it's cool that you have everything here, dentists, eye doctors, and everything."

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