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Quality Dashboard


An Overview

What is the Quality Dashboard?

The Institute of Medicine (IOM) has created 6 areas to measure healthcare providers as a way to ensure quality care. These areas guide providers in the right direction so that they can give safe, effective, patient-centered, and timely care. The Center tracks 4 of these areas, and our quality dashboard helps our patients keep track of our progress.

The Center for Children and Women Quality Measures

Your family’s experience is important to us at The Center for Children and Women. We want to understand how you and your family feel about your experience at The Center. The overall average quality and patient satisfaction scores help us to make you and your family’s experience better.

Browsing the Quality Dashboard

You can jump to different topics by clicking the buttons across the top of the dashboard. You can  browse page by page using the next and previous buttons at the bottom. The charts are interactive. You can hover over a bar to get more information about the score, or click a topic in the key to see only the scores for that group.